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You can reach us via phone: 619 255 5530 .Via email info@yebbo.com


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Yebbo Communications Network

3078 El Cajon

San Diego, CA 92104

619 255 5530

Tel: 619 255 5530

Fax: 619 282 9326
Monday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm




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About to Your Site.

We have been #1 in Google's search engine for  various keywords. Such as, Amharic Translation,  Canada Passport Picture, Notary Public,  Nuer Translation and son on

What We Do.

  • Travel and Tours
  • Global Software Engineering
  • Multilingual Desk Top publishing
  • Notary Public
  • Passport Picture
  • Video production and conversion

Project Portfolio

Some of the projects we did can have a long lasting impact in people's daily life. Such projects are Nokia Amharic Localization Project, Google Groups Localization Project, Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7 Amharic Localization  Project, the US Census 2010 Translation Project, Athens Olympic  commercial translation project  are some of the projects we've participated