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Yebbo Communication Network (YCN) founded in Feb. 1999 as a hobby. But in 2000 we decided to pursue our effort to the next level and become a consulting and web developing company.  YCN has been working closely with individuals, business owners and organizations since the first day of its presence in the Internet world.

 YCN started by its founder as a hobby as well as future investment and expanded its horizon.

 At YCN we have attracted variety of people from different backgrounds, which includes engineers, educators, graphic artist, students, and currently it is seeking individuals in business, sales, computer and engineering areas. 

According to YCN's current master plan, Our main business revenue comes from web development and web consulting as well as advertising. Our web development sector currently gives initial consultation for business owners, individuals and organization about the tips and tricks before and after they put their business or idea in to the Internet.

We believe on the principle that " Customer Comes First". We took this principle to the next level, that is, try to deliver more than we promised.

Here are few examples from our existing  services. In YCN web development project we guide  our clients in every steps, which includes

  • Registering domain names
  • If the domain name is taken finding a suitable name and make our clients happy.
  • Setup the web site after securing their domain name.
  • Consulting how our customers can deliver their product to the Internet before and after we or they develop the site..
  • Updating and maintain the site after developing
  • Digital imagining
  • Full web site development and several others.

Why you need Yebbo?

In order to have a presence on the Web, people and companies must have a Website. That's where YEBBO Web Page Design comes in. Yebbo Web Page Design offers affordable rates and simple pricing plans. We offer over 30 templates as a foundation for Web sites; making it easier and less expensive for people interested in having a Web presence.

One of the main goals for Yebbo Communication Network (YCN) is to provide an affordable and reasonable price for businesses, organizations, individuals, nonprofit organizations and government agencies for its services.

We provide web site designing, web site hosting, Internet consulting and Advertising for low prices. Our web site design services are tailored to fit your individual requirements. From a one-page advertisement to a large interactive Internet presence, Yebbo can help.

    Yebbo Communication Network is ready to offer its service. Using your company's existing source materials, such as company or product brochures, data sheets, annual reports or any other existing marketing material,

    YCN can create a Web site bringing together the key requirements for success: Effective communication of your message.

      o Distinctive, well-designed layout.

      o Appealing looks & feels.

      o Memorable impact.

      o Simple easy to follow navigation.

    Prices Rates vary because each project is unique in the time and energy needed to complete it.

    Web Design and Graphic Design Rates

    For more information please call at

    (619) 283 8189



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