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If you are a buyer or a seller, a service provider or seeking a service,you are in a right place. Yebbo Communication Network proudly presents its new web site Virtual Merkato to you to make your Internet surfing as easy as possible. Virtual Merkato is the first on line shop which is focussed on African products and African service providers. The idea is simple and easy. Our plan is to bring the African business in one umbrella. Africa is a rich continent. There are more than 53 countries which have an independent and unique culture, language and way of life. So, it will be hard to search a business in all these countries. Instead, Virtual Merkato will put theses countries in one spot and will create a potential relationship between consumers and producers, service providers and service seekers. To be involved in African Market you don't have to be an African native. The market is open. Africa the past and the future frontier. We are waiting for your feedback. If you are a small business owner which deals with Africa this is your chance. Bring you business, idea, creativity and thought to the world. If you are one of the following groups you need this web site.




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